Connect CyberQ Cloud to ShareMyCook

Modified on Tue, 07 Mar 2023 at 11:39 AM

The CyberQ Cloud easily syncs up with ShareMyCook. The fun and easy-to-use website is a community for outdoor cooks to interact and learn from each other.

1. Using a WiFi enabled phone, tablet, or desktop, go to its WiFi Settings and select HS-MY_CYBERQ_#### (or the custom name you have assigned). If prompted, enter the default password: 1234abcdef. Once connected, the CyberQ Cloud will briefly display HOT-SPOT PAIRED! 

2. Using the device you used to connect with WiFi, open a web browser window and type in the address bar to load the internal CyberQ Cloud System web pages.

3. You will then see the built-in CyberQ Cloud pages. Click on the link at the top right that says WIFI SETUP

4. Click on the orange button that says Cloud Connection Wizard.

5. The CyberQ Cloud will then scan for your home WiFi router. This generally takes up to 60 seconds.

6. Scroll down to see the available networks. Find your home network and click Join button below the home network.

7. If your WiFi router requires a password, type in the password and hit Submit

8. Your CyberQ Cloud will then restart in what is called Infrastructure mode and will connect to the internet through your WiFi Router. (If your CyberQ Cloud starts up and briefly says No Network, this usually means that your password was incorrect and you should return your CyberQ Cloud to Hotspot mode and run the connection wizard again.)

  • Easiest way to do this is to reset to factory settings by holding down all four arrow buttons until control says "Resetting EEPROM"

9. After the device fully reboots, it will prompt you for a registration pin. *Note: if your CyberQ Cloud gets stuck on connnecting to cloud, this means you are not connected via 2.4 GHz band or security and interfering with connection (example: security camera). 

10. On WiFi able device, the internal CyberQ Cluod page will have a yellow link to *Note: when you click the link, most devices will automatically switch back to originally WiFi. If this does not happen, go to WiFi setting and select your normal WiFi.

11. On ShareMyCook Main Page, scroll down and click orange "Register Device" button

12. If you have already created an account, use those login credentials. Otherwise, click on 'Register Here' and fill out on screen prompts and click orange 'Create Account' button.

13. You will be promoted to verify your email, you must do this before continuing.

14. Once email is verified, login to ShareMyCook and click orange button to add CyberQ Cloud.

15. You will be given a 4 digit number. Enter that PIN number on the CyberQ Cloud using arrows and push the middle, circle button to submit.

16. The device will check registration and once complete it will say "Registration Successful." *Note: if your PIN expires/you lose it, follow the steps above to generate a new PIN.

17. You will be taken to your main dashboard of ShareMyCook. To change or configure any settings, click on 'Advanced Device Settings.'

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