I can't connect my CyberQ Cloud to Wi-Fi

Modified on Mon, 8 Jul at 10:58 AM

If you have a dual band router, your CyberQ Cloud controller could be having trouble connecting. Most routers output 2 or more signal bands, 2.4GHz and 5GHz. The CyberQ Cloud controller will only connect to the 2.4GHz output band and if the output bands are not separated, the controller cannot connect to the correct band.

You will need to separate the bands before continuing. If you do not know how to, contact your ISP or the manufacturer of your router.

Factory Reset

If you confirm that you are connected to the 2.4GHz band and still experience connection issues, you should delete your CyberQ Cloud controller from your ShareMyCook account and perform a factory reset.

Step 1: Log onto ShareMyCook.com and go to the Profile tab to see your account's device.

Step 2: Click on Settings.

Step 3: Select Remove at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: This will not delete any of the saved information from previous cooks, it just deletes the controller from  being associated with your account.

Step 4: On your CyberQ Cloud controller, press and hold all 4 arrow keys at the same time until the display on the controller says ‘RESETTING EEPROM’, then release the buttons.

Your control has been reset.

Now you can follow the Wi-Fi installation process using the Quick Start Guide

Setting up ShareMyCook

Once you reconnect your device to your home router you can then re-add the CyberQ Cloud to your account on ShareMyCook.com.

Step 1: Click on the "Register Your CyberQ" button in the Home Page.

Step 2: Enter the PIN number from ShareMyCook.com into the CyberQ Cloud controller using the up and down arrows to select the appropriate digit, and the left and right arrows to move to the next number.

Then press the center button and release. 

Step 5: Leave the CyberQ Cloud controller connected and plugged in for at least 5 minutes, to allow the control to sync up with the website. 


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