Lighting Fire for Shotgun BBQ Smoker

Modified on Tue, 07 Mar 2023 at 11:39 AM

The Shotgun BBQ Smoker is designed to run best on charcoal fuel. The Shotgun BBQ Smoker will run on briquette or hardwood lump charcoal. Hardwood lump is preferred. Good quality hardwood lump charcoal will not smoke much because it has been well carbonized. The type of wood the charcoal is made from will have an influence on its smell when burning if not completely carbonized.

Briquette is made from many sources of woody material, fillers, and binders. If briquettes are used, they should be started well in advance of putting on the food to be cooked. This will let strong smells dissipate.

When using a BBQ Guru control system, it is only necessary to start a small fire. The Guru will bring the oven up to temperature quickly. It is best to fill the firebox with unlit charcoal and light the top center with your starter of choice. (wax cubes, wood fire starters. propane torch etc.). You may also use a charcoal starter to pour hot coals over the unlit coals but be careful not to start with too much lit charcoal because it will result in the cooker going over temperature before your BBQ Guru control has a chance to take over and control the cooker as recommended.

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