UltraQ: The pit temperature is not correct.

Modified on Mon, 08 May 2023 at 02:27 PM

If you have a kamado style grill with its own thermometer, it is normal for the temperature in the dome of the cooker to be hotter than at the cooking grate. Thermometers that come with most cookers are not nearly as accurate as the high-precision thermocouples that come with a BBQ Guru control. 

Try your dial or other thermometer in both boiling water and ice water to see how accurately it reads. It might just be out of calibration.

If the pit probe is attached too closely to the food, it may display a false lower temperature since the food will have a cool air bubble around it. Move the pit probe 3-4” away from the food.

If you think your BBQ Guru pit probe might not be reading properly:

  • Make sure that the probe is plugged in tightly to the jack.
  • Swap the pit probe with the food probe in their respective jacks. If the food probe reads correctly in the pit jack then you have a bad pit probe.
  • If the food probe also reads incorrectly, it may be bad as well or you might have an issue with your control unit. 

  • Buy a new probe here or see our warranty/return information

If the pit probe is incorrectly displaying a very high temperature usually in the high 400ºF:

  • Your pit probe may have a broken connection inside the wire. See our warranty/return information.

  • If the wire of the probe has small, hard, reddish bumps on the outside of the mesh, the probe has been melted by direct flame or exposure to high temperatures. You will need to purchase a replacement probe here.

If you think that the control unit may be out of calibration:

  • The control unit comes calibrated from our factory and it is extremely rare that it will go out of calibration. Most of the time it is an issue with a bad probe. Click here for warranty/return information.

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