How will weather effect my control system and BBQ'ing?

Modified on Mon, 08 May 2023 at 03:43 PM

Traditionally, without our temperature control devices, it is especially difficult to control your cooker's temperature when there are fluctuations in the weather. The BBQ Guru Control can automatically adjust to maintain temperature even though there are changes in humidity, precipitation or outside temperature.

Cold Weather:
Our controls can handle the cold! Cold, dry weather will have little or no ill-effects on the controls. If you are cooking in sub-zero temperatures, the display may run a little slow or freeze, but the electronics in the control can withstand the cold weather and will keep on running. 
If your fan stops running, condensation from your cooker may have dripped into your fan and froze. Once the fan warms and the ice has melted, the fan will resume running as normal. 

Wet Weather:
If you plan on cooking in the rain or snow, you can still do it, but we highly recommend covering the controller with a plastic bag or cook under an open but covered area. The BBQ Guru controls are electronics and while they are weather resistant, they are not waterproof. There is a small chance water can get inside the control box and cause the electronic board to stop working. Always place your control in an upright position in its stand. Never lay it on a wet or damp surface which would make the control more susceptible to allowing water to go up the jacks. 

Hot Weather:
When cooking in extreme hot weather with your control in close proximity to your cooker in the direct sunlight, the control can overheat. In this situation, keep your control shaded as much as possible.
If the outer case of your control is hot to the touch, move it to a cooler location.

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